In Ghana and other African countries, there are deficiencies in agricultural and livestock production, and with our company Fox-Afric Investments we are developing projects to implement comprehensive solutions for agribusiness and livestock, supported by our partners and allies from Colombia and Brazil, appropriating the best existing technologies already tested in these countries.

In the Republic of Ghana, we have the “Bovine Cattle Agroindustrial Project for the Production of meat, milk, and its by-products or derivatives” project, with high-quality standards, which allows us to supply the local, national, and international markets, which at this moment is in the pre-feasibility phase.

It has an excellent group of strategic allies with significant experience in the entire value chain of the production of meat, milk, and cattle by-products, land adaptation, development and implementation of livestock production and agro-industry projects such as the to be implemented, including the design and construction of benefits plants or refrigerators, dairy processing plants, and clean energy generation plants.

The project will be developed in a land area of ​​approximately 34,350 hectares (84,880 acres) for its development, located in the North of the Tongu District of the Volta Region; in this area, there is a human settlement with approximately 1,250 people.

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